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Hey Team,

Good to see you, looking fresh faced and wide awake. You can rest assured, that's not how I've been feeling this week! Last weekends trip back home took it out of me for a couple of days, it's especially hard coming back to work when you've been having such a nice time eating pancakes and frolicking in the countryside. Back into it now though! Looking forward to going out with the Wildlife Rangers in the coming week.

Being as I was off Monday and Tuesday, there's not a lot happened at work last week to talk about. I've been working on writing a Risk Assessment in the office when it's been raining, which is when you size up the relevance of various risks on a particular job and say how you are going to try and minimize them. I've been given another new site to look after and plan up, this one with all the archaeological remains of banks. I spent a good few hours just walking them, marking them out with posts and trying to figure out how we're going to keep the machines off them.

Another activity I've been engaged in this week has measuring some Douglas fir logs which were cut too short due to some problem with the harvester head. We asked the customer if he would take them any shorter (they were meant to be a minimum of 4.9m) - he said we could go down to 4.85m, which meant Steve and I had to go around every single log with a tape measure, marking which were O.K. 

There were more which met the grade than we expected, which was good as we didn't have to faff around cutting them down to the next available product length (3.7m) which would have wasted a lot of time and money.

Here is the video of me inside the harvester cab I promised a few weeks ago: I hope I don't get in trouble.

In other News;
Mum came down to visit this weekend, we had a nice walk round Ely and the Cathedral which was spectacular. My sister Jo and her boyfriend Martin got the train up from London today and we took them to Wicken Fen, a National Trust nature reserve which is really good for birds and mud. They also have lots of highland cows which are very pretty, and windmills.

It did get sunny a bit later, I promise, even though it was snowing this morning.

I made a lush venison pot roast with the muntjac I got from the rangers while we were out, I left it slow cooking in the oven and came back to the smell of delicious red wine gravy. James is away all this week, so I'm on my own in the cottage. You might get some videos of me playing guitar later in the week if I get really bored.

Muchus Love,

listening to: The Cinematic Orchestra – Child Song on Spotify.


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